‘Once Upon a Time’ returns to programming

Actors Elizabeth Lall (left) and Georgina Haig play the roles of Anna and Queen Elsa in 'Once Upon a Time,' and expansion of the Disney animated classic frozen

Actors Elizabeth Lall (left) and Georgina Haig play the roles of Anna and Queen Elsa in 'Once Upon A Time,' an expansion of the Disney animated classic 'Frozen.' 

On Sept. 28, ABC’s hit series Once Upon a Time made its Season Four premiere featuring the characters from Disney’s animated film Frozen

Anna and Elsa are shown in the past preparing for Anna’s wedding and reminiscing about how proud their parents would have been of both of them. The bond between the sisters creates a feeling of family ties that many viewers can relate to. 

While going through their parent’s things, the sisters learn that their parents lied about where they were going before they died, and Elsa is convinced that she is to blame for their death. 

The viewer can almost read Anna’s thoughts as she realizes that the life she has worked so hard to create with her sister is in danger of falling apart again. 

Anna leaves for the enchanted forest hoping to discover what their parents were looking for and to put Elsa’s mind at ease. Anna’s dedication to ensure the happiness of her sister is an ideal expression of true selfless, compassion. 

In present-time, Elsa has been released from a magical urn and has appeared in Storybrooke. The pain Elsa feels at her family being torn apart once again is heart-wrenching. 

The new characters seemed a bit robotic at times and the events of the episode moved rather slowly. The rising action was very close to the end and was just enough to tease the viewer. Other than that, I was satisfied with the setup of events to come in future episodes. 

This season touches on a few mysteries that weren’t addressed in Frozen. Where were Anna and Elsa’s parents going? And will Once Upon a Time possibly give us a reason for why Elsa has powers in the first place? I have high hopes for this season and encourage new and old fans to keep watching. 

For Frozen fans, I feel like this season could be hit or miss. There are many expectations that will come from Frozen fans, but because OUAT is not a part of the official Disney Frozen time line, I encourage fans to keep an open mind.