Miss Sophomore reenacts ‘Wildin’ Out’ on campus

                                                                                                    CaptionRAYONTI WRIGHT/Contributing photographer
Members of the Black Squad (top) and Red Squad pose in the Black and Gold Room during “Wildin’ Out” on Thursday night.

With DJ Twins on the 1s and 2s, Grambling students were sure to show up in masses to the ‘Wildin’ Out event hosted by Miss Sophomore, Astra J. Watts, in the Black and Gold Room in Favrot Student Union.

‘Wildin’ Out’ brought together a large number of students who assembled to enjoy the festivities and the jokes that were made throughout the night.

Watts, a biology major from New Orleans, hosted the event hoping to provide something fun for the school, as well as helping bring unity among the class of 2017 at GSU. However, members from other classes came to the event to join in the festivities.

Two of the participants in the “Wildin’ Out” event were Teia Smith, a sophomore kinesiology major from New Orleans, and Elijah Frasier- Smith, a business management major from Alexandria. They agreed the event was enjoyable and eventful and both had a great time being involved.

“The Wildstyle battle was the best part of the show to me,” said Smith. The Wildstyle Battle was the part of the event where everybody got on the mic and free-styled in the rap battle, making jokes against the other team.

Watts herself enjoyed many of the jokes that were made throughout the night.

“There were so many fun- ny parts, even in the beginning,” Watts said. “Everybody was really hype, and there was as how before the show even started.”

“The song game was the funniest part to me, and the crowd was really into it because both teams were really funny. But the entire show was funny to me.”

Students in the audience also enjoyed the night of jokes. Any spectator could have sat in the audience and been able to tell that #Gram- fam spent the night

from laughing so hard at the two teams joking about each other.

Hamma Steadman, a senior kinesiology major from Shreveport, enjoyed when the whole show seemed to get completely off topic and both teams just began making jokes about each other.

Watts was not expecting such a huge number of people to attend the event. She said she was only expecting a couple of people to show and wanted those few people to have a good time.

Watts wanted the students of Grambling to be able to have something to do around campus besides loiter outside and hang out, which is another reason for her hosting this event.

Although everyone seemed to have a great time, some agreed that “Wildin’ Out” could have been better organized.

“I think it went as I expected but it could have been better if Clutch [the special guest who was supposed to attend] would have showed up,” Frasier-Smith said.

Watts agreed. “There were ups and downs on what was and wasn’t funny, but I think

everyone enjoyed the overall show.”

“There were some times when the students’ minds would go blank,” she said. “There wasn’t an awkward moment when somebody messed up or made a bad joke.

“But I think we can rehearse a little more so that the show could flow better,

Watts said. “I did have a special guest

that was supposed to come but he did not show until 9 p.m. so that was a disappoint- ing. But the crowd still showed support. It was still a success- ful overall but I will probably choose another guest star in the future,” Watts said.

Although there were some lowsinthenight,studentsare hoping that the “Wildin’ Out” event will be hosted either next semester or next year.

“I will probably attend again next year,” Steadman said, “because I enjoyed it and it wasn’t boring, so why not go back?”

Watts plans to host the event again probably next semester or even once every three months.