Wallace wins top award

Lights, camera, action during Tigerpoolza’s comedy and talent show on April 8. The audience as well as judges were in for a real treat and were able to see numerous talents from each contestant, varying from singing, dancing, and even a unique selection of songs played on the piano.

Jonathan Wallace was the top contestant winning the $200 prize. Closing the show for the night was the GSU kicker, who surprised quite a few people, diminishing the misconception that the only talents that athletes have are on the gridiron. Dressed in a suit and tie, the Rayville, La native played a medley of songs that included En Vogue’s ‘Don’t Let Go’, John Legend’s ‘All of You’, and even the school’s alma mater. 

 “I’ve been playing the piano for five years now, and I practiced a lot for this night so it was an awesome feeling to know that I won,” said Wallace, who received a standing ovation from the crowd. 

Clifton Boykins won second place, and Hasani Banks won third place. 

During the middle of the show, graduating senior Banks enlightened the minds of everyone in the auditorium with his poem entitled “Be Deep”, which was centralized around the African American race being misled by materialistic items.

In between the talented GSU students’ performance, comedian Steve Brown clowned students and reminded Grambling about the positive image to withhold. 

“(Grambling) is the most entertaining school in the world,” said Brown. He is an active host at GSU events- Spring Fest, Homecoming and the Bayou Classic. 

Brown brings a host of different comedians to brace the GSU stage. This time he brought Red Grant and TMO. Although sending a lively message, they also reminded students of the importance of a quality education and focusing on their dreams. 

“Keep working,” said TMO. “Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream.”