Stompin’ Success


The 2014 Greek Show for Tigerpalooza was filled with excitement and fun as the Greeks and Non-Greeks of Grambling State University showed off their skills in front of an excited crowd, each displaying what they had been working on to represent their organization. 

There were three first place winners: UAAM, Delta Sigma Theta and Iota Phi Theta.  

The first to hit the stage were the ladies of Zeta Phi Beta. Wearing their colors blue and white, the ladies hit the stage with a sleepover themed performance. 

The scene was set to play off of the fact that they had just crossed a group of new girls a couple weeks back, so the sleepover put the neos against the prophytes, each having a chance to display which group had a better time at the sleepover.

The ladies of Delta Sigma Theta went next. The scene began with the ladies coming out to the song “Jigga Train” each having a great amount of energy. As they continued to perform, their line sisters sitting in the crowd got involved, singing along to one of their chants. 

They wore red t-shirts with “were back” on the back of their shirts, representing the fact that they had just crossed a group of 50 girls a week earlier, the first line in about 4 years. 

“Being in the step show was a great experience,” said Khadijah Freeman, a junior from Memphis, and one of the members of Delta Sigma Theta that participated in the Greek show. 

“This was my first time stepping in front of a crowd, and this experience is helping me break out of my shell.”

The brothers of United African American Men hit the stage next. Wearing all black, the brothers came out to the James Brown song “Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud.” Going along with the song, they began their performance by holding their fist to the sky.

Ti Beta Sigma performed next. With a west coast inspired theme, the ladies played bank robbers. They wore white tank tops and baggy jeans, with flannels wrapped around their waist. 

The ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha went next. The ladies of pink and green had a “Skandal” inspired them, having one of their members play Olivia Pope, one of the characters from the popular show Scandal. They wore white shirts, with shimmery pink ties, and knee high boots. 

Omega Psi Phi hit the stage next. The scene started with one of their members playing the president, as this went on he was kidnapped, and they were sent off to rescue him. 

Four members hopped in the scene, showing off their skill and perseverance to find their president.

Iota Phi Theta were the last to perform. Coming from behind a spaceship, they played visitors from a foreign land, looking to see what Earth had to offer. 

In one of their scenes, they did a roll call for the Black Greek sororities, each doing something to represent a particular sorority.

“My favorite performance were the Iota’s,” said Jordan Wynn, a junior from Ruston, and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha. “They helped pump up the crowd.”

The show was divided into non-Greek organizations, Greek fraternities, and Greek sororities, there would be a winner from each of those categories. 

For the non-Greeks UAAM took first place and Ti Beta Sigma to second place.

For the sororities Delta Sigma Theta won first place, and Alpha Kappa Alpha won second place.

And for the fraternities, Iota Phi Theta took first place, and Omega Psi Phi took second place.

“I was very shocked that we won the step show because we only had seven days to come up with steps and transitions,” said Freeman. “It really showed how dedicated we were to push through and have a performance.”