Theories continue to abound about Flight 370



The search for missing Malaysia flight 370 continues despite a lack of any concrete evidence about the planes whereabouts.  

Over the past month, many have speculated about what may have happened to the aircraft like. Some claim hijacking, some have said the plane is hidden on a military base, and others claim believe the aircraft was shot down. 

“Flight 370 was hijacked,” suggested senior K’deja Johnson from Seattle. “There is no way the plane just vanished. 

She alluded to an early suspicion when the plane first disappeared. “There were two passengers who boarded that plane with stolen passports. Shame on the airline for letting them on the flight.” 

Junior Kristal Ben of Ville Platte, has her own theory.

“The plane crashed. It was just an unfortunate tragedy.” 

There seems to be a new breaking news story almost daily only to have the theory shot down. The newest leads from this week are fresh signals that were detected from the black box believed to be located on the tail of the aircraft in the Indian Ocean.  Those signals were found over the weekend, but as Friday approaches, the signals have gotten weaker. 

It seems people’s hopes of finally locating the plane are starting to diminish yet again. 

The plane went missing on March 8. There were 227 passengers on board and 12 crew members heading from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.