Spring Fashion Preview



Winter is over and spring has arrived, and students have begun to transition their wardrobe from sweatpants and sweatshirts to tank tops and flip-flops. It is common to show a little more skin then we normally would in this Louisiana weather. 

With new seasons come new fashions, and it is important for students to know what type of clothing is appropriate for the classroom.

It is perfectly fine to dress up for class as long as it is done in a tasteful manner. The key is to be cute and covered, polished and poised, comfortable but not lazy. Say no to excessive cleavage and shorts that leave nothing to the imagination. Save that for after-school activities and leave the racy clothing in the closet.

Cut-off shorts, for example, can be worn to class as long as they are not too revealing and the rips are in all the right places. Crop tops that reveal the mid-section can be paired with high waist shorts of any fabric and worn with a bright colored pump for a pop of color that adds a little edge.

Sundresses are always a plus in warm weather and they can always be spotted around campus around this time of the year. Instead of a short and tight mini-dress, try a long flowing maxi-dress. You can never go wrong with knee length shorts, skirts or dresses, and when paired with simple tank top and bold jewelry, it can create a “classy” look.

For male students looking for a spring look, do not be afraid to try different colors. Pastels such as turquoise, lavender, primrose yellow and jade green look great when paired with khaki or white bottoms. Remember that not every male can pull off flip-flops, but if you are brave enough then I recommend giving them a try to change up your look a tad.

If you think it is too revealing for class, then it most likely is. Students are encouraged to dress up for the remainder of the spring semester, let their hair down and enjoy this beautiful weather. 

Remember, skin is in just not too much and do not be afraid to try different trends as long as they are suitable to wear in the classroom.


Nakita Turner is a senior mass communication major from Ruston.