Is it Tigerpalooza or Tigerpaloser?


  Every spring, students look forward to dressing up in their best outfits, going to day and night events, and enjoying the performances that the school’s Favrot Student Union Board had gotten to attend.

  This year the excitement seemed to decrease in the students due to the change of the common name from Spring Fest to Tigerpalooza. Spring Fest is a week full of activities and events put on for the students, by the students.

My first Spring Fest was the best, in my eyes, like a mini-homecoming. Each day was a new event, and anything that involves free crawfish, you could guarantee I would be in attendance. I was able to meet many new people and see the different organizations on and around school; this was probably one of my best weeks at Grambling.

   As the year slowly started to come to an end, I began to look forward to Spring Fest, the last big school event. I started telling my friends how excited I was, started making “turn up plans” and then I got the news that the name was changed.  I continued on with everything I was doing before, because a name change couldn’t affect my fun.

    The name change came along to prevent many outsiders from engaging in the school’s activities. It was done with students in mind, so we could have a safe and enjoyable Spring Fest. 

After the name change I began hearing students complain. They would often express how “things weren’t the same” and how this would be a “boring SpringFest.” I definitely disagree. I like the name change and I think it makes our school different from the rest. Instead of having a regular spring Fest, we have a Tigerpalooza, palooza meaning “all-out crazy party.” 

   Some students stressed how they felt the schools traditions were constantly being changed, this being one of the major changes. I don’t see the change of a name as a bad idea because, in most cases, change is good and this change was made with good intentions of a good change. 

Whether the name is Spring Fest or Tigerpalooza, I don’t think we should let a name change be a hinderance to excitement and enjoyment of the activities of the week.



DeQuanna Alexander is a sophomore mass communication major from New Orleans.