President’s concert


Tuesday night Grambling State University’s music department held their annual President’s Concert in the Fredrick C. Hobdy Assembly Center.

With marching season being over in the spring, the music department can focus on preparing for concerts. The performers prepare for the President’s Concert from the beginning of the semester.

Orchestra director Ye Tao stressed the importance of the concert stating, “The concert showcases all of the different groups in the music department and we seldom have this opportunity. It inspires other students to get involved in the department and music majors can learn from each other.”

The attendants of the concert were in a soft hush as the musicians took their places out on the floor. Different instruments could be heard throughout the room as the performers were warming up. 

The event began with an introduction from the head of the music department Dr. Larry Pannell. The concert included performances by four groups of musicians including: the symphony orchestra,  a small ensemble, the choir, the symphonic band and the show band. 

Grambling State president Dr. Pogue describes the concert as a way to bring all of our beautiful music together to be appreciated at the same time. Pougue stated, “I love it all, but I really enjoy the choir because I sang in the choir all through high school. When they’re singing out there, I’m singing right along with them.”

Many talented musicians reside in the music department at Grambling State. Ethan Pipion, a sophmore music education major from California states, ” I’ve been playing the cello for 11 years. Mr. Tao recruited me to be in the orchestra.” Pipion sees the concert as a way for all of the students to show off their skills they have practiced all semester. 

As the concert came to a close Dr. Pannell thanked everyone who came to watch the event. The annual President’s Concert is a longstanding tradition that takes place every Spring at Grambling State.