Life without Stabler


When flipping through the channels looking for something interesting to watch, I usually find a high number of reality television shows, mixed in with some kind of sporting event. But then I’ll find the one show that I’m looking for, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. 

 his emotional Law and Order series shows the life and crimes of New York City’s Special Victims Unit, detectives who investigate sexually based crimes. The series is in its 15th season, and is the longest running primetime drama on television. 

ue to my obsession with the show, I often find myself watching it for hours, unable to turn my attention away from the intense stories that are being shown. I have watched numerous of episodes and I have grown to love the characters being betrayed, my favorites being Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson. 

 hey were partners in every definition of the word; they would lie, die, and be that shoulder that each could cry on. Now that Stabler is no longer on the show I feel as if a little piece of what drew me toward the series is missing.

 hen I asked friends about their views of the show now, compared to how it used to be, everyone says the same thing- they miss Elliot Stabler. He was dedicated to his job, but also took his work personally. Sometimes this would affect his judgment, but it never stopped him from doing what he felt was right.

tablers’ personality would balance Benson’s attitude. Being a product of rape herself, she always felt a personal connection with her victims. 

hristopher Meloni, the actor who plays Stabler, left the series after 12 seasons because he wanted to be paid more per episode. His abrupt leave left viewers in awe. Being that he was one of the main characters on the show, it upset many dedicated fans, including myself, because we all knew that the show would no longer be the same.

ven though I still watch the series faithfully, I will always be a fan of the Elliot and Benson duo. The show lost its core and excitement when Meloni left. Even though his work would turn into obsession sometimes, no one will be able to replace his dedication for his job. I believe that’s what drew people to admire his character.

  say pay Meloni his money, and let the series get back to its foundation; hard working detectives fighting for victims of sexually based crimes.