Dr. Neari Warner still impacting education


In celebration of Women’s history month, The Gramblinite recognizes women of Grambling State University who have made notable contributions. That list of notables would not be complete without documenting the career of Dr. Neari F. Warner.

In 2001, Warner became the first woman to lead Grambling State University. 

Although holding the title of the first female acting president is an achievement in itself, Dr. Warner has immortalized herself within Grambling’s history with the legacy that she created.

Dr. Warner recalled the state of Grambling when she began her tenure. She described the university as being “in dire need of direction.”

When she first took office, Grambling was plagued with negative publicity surrounding the fact that the school was in risk of losing their accreditation. 

Dr. Warner displayed great character, courage, and commitment by accepting the position of acting president despite all the opposition that she was bound to face. The former acting president explained that she made it a personal goal to aid Grambling with its challenges because of a love for the university.

“I accepted the position because before anything, I am a Grambling alumnus,” Dr. Warner said while speaking to The Gramblinite

Under Dr. Warner’s leadership, Grambling was able to keep their accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. 

While she led Grambling into a more positive direction, she also defeated stereotypes.

“The proverbial glass ceiling has been broken,” she said. “A woman can handle the responsibilities as president just as well, if not better than, a man.”

Dr. Neari F Warner received her Bachelor of Science degree at Grambling State University. During her undergrad, she says that she enjoyed working as a writer with the earlier Gramblinite. She is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc.

Currently, Dr. Warner is a visiting professor with the Executive Ph.D. program at Jackson State University.