Concert gives women praise


Music and high praises filled the T.H. Harris Auditorium on March 26.
Doors to the auditorium were opened at 6 p.m. and the seats went quickly. 

Acts included Candace Bryant, Amber Bullock, Kierra Sheard, and Le’Andria Johnson.
Each woman of gospel sang their own testimony and brought their audience to song,  dance,  and rejoicing.

The powerful voices that filled the building lifted every spectator to their feet. Despite technical difficulties, the show continued on a positive note.
Throughout the course of the concert,  the music from the speakers would disappear. This left performers to rely on the volume of their own voices without the microphone. Although the audience remained supportive throughout the endeavor, the frequent audio failing became a nuisance to the talent.

During a post concert interview, Kierra Sheard expressed some disappointment with the faulty audio. 

“I wanted to give them my best,” Sheard said.  “I was a little sad but I had fun, a lot of fun.”

A highlight of the concert took place during Sheard’s performance. One mysterious Gramblinite was given the opportunity to play the keyboard alongside the gospel singer as she sang the popular song “Indescribable”. 

When The Gramblinite attempted to reach the student,  he could not be identified.

Senior Mary Sanders of New Orleans did not mind the setbacks of the show. 

“It was beautiful to be among my peers and to see them relate to God as a Father. The singers were awesome despite technical difficulties and the Spirit was tangible,” Sanders said.

Amber Bullock is currently working on her third project and expects to release it soon.  Kierra Sheard will release a gospel album in July. Neither Le’Andria Johnson nor Candace Bryant mentioned releasing any new music.  

However, Johnson hopes to have a new album out by 2015.

The GSU Lyceum committee alongside the Office of Student Activities hosted the “Women of Gospel” event to recognize women’s history month.