Tau Beta Sigma events empower women


In an effort to minimize the usage the “B” word, the of Grambling State University’s Zeta Mu Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma held a forum called “Don’t call me the “B” Word”.

The forum held on Monday in room 111 of the Jacob T. Stewart building consisted a panel, entertainment, which was provided by GSU’s Lyrical Quest, and guest speakers.

“We wanted to bring awareness to the “B” word and show people that it’s still a negative word even if used in a positive light,” said Te’sia Thomas, a junior social work major.

During the forum, the panel answered several questions concerning  the ‘B’ word, Tundra Turner, the student counselor on GSU’s campus, spoke to the crowd and said low self-esteem, lack of attention or lack of funds are all reasonable reason why females may dress inappropriately. 

At the end of the forum, some people may a pledge to not use the “B” word for the remaing of the month.

Following the “Don’t call me the “B” Word”, forum the Zeta Mu Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma continued their week with an event titled “the ElementZ of a Finer Woman” Tuesday March 18, which was an inspired discussion about the necessary qualities every woman should have.

Finer womanhood is one of Zeta Phi Beta’s principles and this program was all about how a woman should carry herself through appearance, communication and even social networks. Leading the discussion was Jasmine Roper, a mass communications major from Detroit. 

 “I hope that we gave somebody a new piece of information that they didn’t know,” said Roper, a member of Zeta Phi Beta.  The discussion covered a number of topics beginning with the definition of finer womanhood: a woman superior in kind, quality, and appearance marked by elegance and refinement. The floor was then opened to the audience for what they thought the qualities of a finer woman were.

The audience became more involved when the topic of appearance arose as the debate about how a woman should and should not dress heated up.  Casual, Sunday chic, and formal attires are just a few styles that were deemed appropriate for a finer woman. Answers and comments were coming from left and right as more audience members shared their views.

The point of the discussion where the most audience participation came was on the topic of social media. The Internet is a vast place and the members of Zeta Phi Beta stressed the need for one to be mindful of what they post to these social medias such as Twitter and Instagram. “As college students we need to show the best side ourselves in order to get a job, career or even start a family,” said Roper. The back and forth between members of the audience and sorority was very enlightening as different perspectives put in the open.   Information provided in this seminar was not only useful to the audience but left a lasting impression as well. Angel Hopson, a criminal justice major from Meridian, MS, said, ” I learned how to be a finer woman,” adding that she will use what she learned by dressing up more occasionally as well as keeping a closer eye on what she posts and who follows her on social medias in the future. 

As for the event, Roper feels the program was a success. “The overall message we wanted to give to the audience was be you but be mindful of what you portray,” said Roper.