Sororities in Action


The Alpha Theta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.  kicked off a successful week at Grambling State University. Throughout this week, the ladies of pink and green hosted events for their “Real AKAs of Hollywood” themed week. The week is filled with different forums and fundraisers.

“We wanted to create an epic week here at Grambling,” said Kierra Rodgers, a junior from Dallas. “I made it a top priority to make AKA Week much more than just a week of various activities.” 

“We wanted this week to provide students with an opportunity to become genuinely excited about what was happening on campus and bring back the school spirit that has been lost over the past few years,” said Rodgers, the week committee chair.

Alpha Theta held their first event Monday with an engaging student forum. Over 80 students filled the Favrot Student Union Theatre during the “What’s the Tea?” Chapter members and students from other organizations interacted with each other for each topic of discussion. Thirteen different students were given cards with topics ranging from personal definitions of a word to pop culture. 

One of the popular topics among the students was their own opinion of the meaning of “side chick, main chick and situationships”. Throughout the discussions, students were able to receive insight from a mother and father’s perspective. 

“My favorite question from the event was the discussion about skin color; people don’t realize that we are a combination of generations,” said Laquetta Ballard-Anderson, the chapter’s graduate adviser. “We have to really understand who we are and where we come from.” 

The week also features several fundraising events. The first was on Tuesday in Jacob T. Stewart Room 112. “Kashin’ Out for Love” featured 20 students, 10 girls and 10 boys, whom students could place a bid on. Over $230 was raised that night, and the chapter plans to donate the proceeds to Heifer Way, a non-profit organization that helps feed children around the world.

“I thought it was a great event,” said Sean Moore, a senior from Atlanta. “My favorite part had to be being a participant in the auction and giving that lucky lady who purchased me a rose to show my appreciation.” 

A sidewalk show was held earlier today and “Showtime at AKApollo” is set for 7:08 tonight. The event is the chapter’s version of the popular show Showtime at the Apollo, which will allow GSU students to showcase their talents on stage in the Black and Gold Room This event is free to the public. 

Friday, the chapter will have a fish fry, another fundraising event, at noon on the Quad. Plates of fried fish, fries and a drink will be sold for $4, and students will be able to interact with members and learn more about the sorority. This will lead to the end of the week’s festivities with a block party in the Men’s Gym on campus at 9:08 p.m. This event has a $2 entry fee.  

“It was my personal goal to make it (AKA Week) one of the best weeks ever held by a student organization, and I believe we have successfully done just that,” said Rodgers. “We can’t thank Grambling students and the other Greek and non-Greek organizations enough for their continued support.”

Alpha Theta also made a promotional video that illustrated “The Real AKAs of Hollywood” theme. To end the week, the chapter plans to support the football team at the “Black and Gold” game Saturday at 2:30 p.m. in the Eddie Robinson Stadium.