Senior Recital: Ja’Mell Fairley


All music majors are required to perform a senior recital before they graduate and on March 11 the stage belonged to Ja’Mell Fairley. In flawless fashion standing in front of family, friends and fellow peers, she performed nine selections in the Conrad Hutchinson Performing Arts Center on Grambling State University’s campus.

“I think she did an outstanding job,” said Kayla Tipton, a junior mass communication major from Compton, Ca. “She is an amazing soprano.”

The recital consisted of songs from the Classical, Romantic and Baroque periods of music although she has an ear for numerous types of music.  Some of her favorite genres include classical, soul and jazz.

Fairley, a music performance major out of Oakland, has been singing since the age of six. Only when she reached the age of 13 did she begin to take her vocals seriously.  

“Music in general is like a release for me,” said Fairley. “When I sing, I don’t sing for me but for the benefit of others.” Not only is Fairley a music major but she is also a member of Sigma Alpha Iota Inc., a singing sorority at GSU.

Fairley said that students should indulge in recital seminars that take place Fridays at 10 a.m. in the Performing Arts Center as well as take some time to attend future recitals in support of fellow music majors. Recitals will be frequent as graduation is quickly approaching.

Although singing isn’t a problem for Fairley, she works hard at fine-tuning her vocals. “It’s easy to sing but you can never perfect it,” added Fairley. Some useful advice she gives to aspiring vocalists is to know your own voice and develop your own style pleading that no singer is alike.

“Music on campus is misunderstood,” says Fairley. “I think a lot of people just think we’re in here just singing and playing.” Music majors practice and train tiresomely throughout their college careers. If Grambling students knew the hard work and effort it takes for music majors to craft and perfect their talents they would truly appreciate the finished product in recitals.