Match out, Mary Jane! Olivia Pope is back in action! Yes ladies, the wait is finally over and Shonda Rhimes is about to give it to the people.

 Tonight at 9 p.m., Scandal will drop its Season 3 mid-season premiere. However, ABC has already released a preview of what to expect.

 Now, just in case you missed the last episodes before the brief break, let me fill in the gaps. 

 Vice President Sally has been in the works to run in  the upcoming elections as president, but she didn’t expect Cyrus to spill the beans on her husband being gay. This led Sally, a strong Christian woman, to instantly snap, and she stabbed her husband to death. 

 To some, this was unexpected and a little bit on the “modern day soap opera side” or what some may call jumping the shark.

 Let’s not forget that it was also revealed toward the end of the previous episode that Mama Pope is not who we thought she was. She played her daughter, Olivia, and from what it looked like, has plans that involve the White House.

 After being fooled by her own mother, Olivia started to question if her gut is really working after all. 

 Though the mid-season finale episode (Dec. 12) had a lot of twists and turns, it did not give me justice or make me jump out of my seat screaming “Shonda Rhimes, you have done it again.” 

 However, after lurking here and there for any scoop on the upcoming episode, I feel that the worst has yet to come. 

 In a sneak peek, Olivia and Mellie, the president’s wife, are sitting at a table for an apparent lunch date – shocking. The words “gal pals” and “talk about boys” are even used in the same sentence. But, that doesn’t compare to the numerous photographers standing outside taking pictures of the two ladies. 

 There is also talk about there being two new characters introduced in Scandal. One is a charming British man by the name of Iris and a female senator, Lynda Torres. Could Iris be a new gladiator to replace naughty Quinn or Olivia’s new high-profile client? 

 Also, when will Harrison’s past finally be revealed and will Olivia’s baby bump make an appearance this season – would she keep Fitz’s baby if the opportunity comes?