No more interviews


 With the controversy that finds its home in the hip-hop community, Drake places himself right in the hot seat in a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine.

 In the interview, Drake made a couple statements that he knew would stir up the audience. To top it all off, Rolling Stone replaced the cover with the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman, which made Drake furious because they still ran the story. 

 They asked him questions regarding Macklemore’s text to Kendrick concerning his Grammy award, what he thinks about Yeezus, and more. As for Macklemore’s text, Drake claimed that the act of making it known was wack and that Macklemore should just make better music if he feels he wasn’t worthy of the award.  

 He said sending the text wasn’t wrong, but posting the text u sent with a sentimental caption under it was over the top. He added that he loved the creativity on Yeezus, but some of Kanye’s bars were mediocre. He even said Fabolous wouldn’t have said some of the things Kanye West said, letting it be known how bad of a rapper he thinks Fab is. 

 As a result of his anger, he sent out tweets stating that he’ll never do another magazine interview and that he never commented on Yeezus. A couple days later, the Degrassi superstar then deleted his tweets and apologized for his behavior. He claims that his reaction was out of pure menace because of the way Rolling Stone handled things, but yet he still apologizes for acting like a spoiled brat. 

 In my opinion, Drake is just attention hungry. The female dog in him as been revealed because of all the attention Kendrick & other great artists have been receiving. He’s just finding ways to stay relevant. Anything that involves Kendrick, Aubrey finds a crack to slide himself through. In all honesty, who even bumps “Nothing Was The Same” anymore? Not one or two tracks, I mean the whole album front to back? 

 The main rapper talking about “timeless” music is slowly fading to black. Of course he’s a good artist, I can’t necessarily agree with all of his music, but he’s a good artist. The problem is that there are better rappers coming out now. Note, I said he’s a good artist, but there are better rappers out now. 

 I blame Drake for all the sensitivity in hip-hop now anyways. Hip-hop was never about teaming up and being best friends. This is supposed to be the most lyrically and physically aggressive genre. So what happened? Drake happened. I honestly believe the only reason people like Drake, is cause others like Drake. I’m disgusted with the “best rapper alive” statements. Please exit stage left, right along with your Take Care album. 

 As for the situation as a whole, hey, I’m glad Rolling Stone did what they did. They stood by their report, and knocked the sensitive, song-stealing artist off his little high pony.