GSU students pledge not to use the ‘N’ word


Emotions and opinions were stirred inside the Favrot Student Union by the topic of the “N” word hosted by the Iota Phi Theta Fraternity. 

 Yesterday, the Iota Theta Chapter at Grambling State University held a forum called “Say No to the “N” Word” yesterday in room 243.

 Nobel Michael, a member, was the master of ceremonies.

 Michael started the event with opening remarks on how Blacks need to start respecting themselves and how they are in need of stopping the use of the “N” word. A video was shown at the start to show what historical Black figures had to endeavor.

 ”We need to think about all of our black leaders before us and what they had to go through for us to get where we are today,” Michael said.  

 As students walked in, the members of the Iota Theta chapter encouraged participants to sign a pledge not to say the “N” word for the rest of the month. 

 Members of the royal court were in attendance to the event; along with Miss Cover Girl Tiara Thomas. She made a powerful speech about how slavery isn’t just a physical thing but a mental thing as well.

 Thomas also discussed how African Americans portray their own selves by discrimination of people who are light skin and dark skin. To have the students more in tuned to the discussion the Houston native compared that issue to the Tyler Perry movies.

 ”When you see movies or shows by Tyler Perry, the dark skin woman is always portrayed as the tough skinned one and independent, but the light skinned one always had it easy,” Thomas said. 

 The women in the audience were very attentive when the comparison was made by Thomas. 

 Shortly before Thomas spoke, there was an open discussion about the “N” word and many members of the audience had a lot of opinions on this controversial topic.

 Senior Sir Williams, made some remarks that really made the audience think and respond to the topic. The crowd had a lot of reaction to the words of Williams with emotion and agreement. 

 Chapter president Terry Bowman was pleased with the turn out.

 ”I’m very pleased with the turnout and I think the audience was touched and gained a lot out of tonight,” Bowman said.