‘Glass of Water’ brings deception in our midst


 On Feb. 18, the Grambling State University Department of Visual and Performing Arts premiered “The Glass ff Water” written by Eugène Scribe. 

 The witty three act play is directed by Karl Norman and features less roles by Grambling State students:  Sean Turner, Kdeja Johnson, Jayla Fountain, Kadarius Gray and Rachel Chinn.

 The artfully ironic 18th century play is set at the English Court during a time of strife between the English and French.  Chinn plays the disenchanted Queen Anne of England,  who seeks the young Abigail Churchill (Fountain) for new life in the English Court. 

 The Duchess of Marlborough (Johnson) opposes this decision and does her best to undermine the Queen and prevent Abigails admittance to the English Court.

 Despite the winter storms that froze the campus of Grambling State University last week and interrupted practice times, the first night of the play went well. Although the written play is not a very popular read and is not well known, those whom viewed it gave it positive reviews. 

 ”On a scale of one to ten, I’d say an eight,” said Los Angeles senior Devin Gordon. “Even though some if the lines got messed up they still pushed through.”

 Norman admitted that he didn’t know how the audience would react to the play.  ”I feel it had a good pace and a good energy,” Mr Norman said during opening night.

 The romantic comedy’s plot has several twists throughout the play, which makes it easily confussing.

 ”You have to pay attention,” said Johnson, a  Seattle native. “People might also learn a thing or two about love and how to be discrete.” 

 Johnson added that paying attention is key to understanding the “love quadrial” in the play. 

 Overall, the audience enjoyed the department’s production because it was well put together and students became their character as if it were in real life.

 ”The Glass of Water” is tonight at 7 p.m. in the the Floyd L. Sandle’s performing arts center Tickets are $3 for students and $5 for non-students.