Would FSUB consider underground artists for TigerFest?


 The past TigerFest artist selections may seem OK to the naked eye, but with closer attention to detail within the music community, there’s a way bigger scale of artists residing in the underground that could save the school a couple dollars. 

 Due to my obsession with music, I often find myself on YouTube looking at concerts from artists both mainstream and underground. Because of this, I can honestly say that an underground artist could even deliver a better show.  

 Artists such as 2 Chainz and Future are used to performing to much larger crowds than Grambling. Not to take away from the intensity  of their performances at all, on another note, someone such as Schoolboy Q, Dom Kennedy, or Big Krit would deliver a new sound and feel to the atmosphere. 

 At the end of the day, all that mainstream music sounds the same. Trap beats get old and music that connects with the people would make it a better experience and open people’s eyes to a whole new side of rap/hip- hop. This was kind of accomplished when Curren$y came to Grambling last year. 

  I didn’t attend his show, but from what I have seen on footage, in pictures, and word-of-mouth, he also gave a good performance. He even had people on stage with him from the audience. The only thing with him is that people tend to automatically dismiss him because they think all he can rap about is marijuana. So, because of this, some people were immediately turned off by his music, which in turn led to some people just standing around.  

 The three artists I named are better representatives when it comes to appealing to the masses, which is why I think the gate keepers of TigerFest should widen their variety of artists to choose from for the upcoming concert. Even with the R&B aspect, last year we had Elle Varner and the year before we had Miguel. So maybe in the upcoming year we should try and get someone like Ty Dolla Sign.  

  I wouldn’t necessarily say his music is R&B, but it isn’t rap either. This is just my opinion, if it were to happen and fail, then I guess people just don’t enjoy good music. Just something to consider for the upcoming TigerFest concert.  FSUB members.