Why Solange’s line receives a C-


 For those who didn’t know, Beyonce’s younger sister, Solange Knowles, is now Puma’s new art director and creative consultant. 

 Since being on board with the German sports and lifestyle brand, Knowles has released her new Brazil-inspired sneaker collection called “Girls of Blaze,” which is set to be released in February will cost you about $150. According to, an anticipated and excited Knowles leaked pictures of her new sneaker collection via social media. 

 ”Girls of Blaze” is a collection of sneakers filled with vibrant colors and different variations of abstract patterns. However, after seeing this new collection, I am slightly disappointed.

 Now, don’t get me wrong, I love color. My own wardrobe is pretty out there with different colors and patterns. I guess you can say I love to think outside of the box and be unique, but different in my own fashion sense. But, “Girls of Blaze” did not give me justice. 

 Not trying to knock Knowles’ hustle, but I can’t see myself purchasing a pair of her colorful new shoes when they remind me of senior walking shoes gone wrong on crack. Yes, I just went there. 

 From a side view, I thought the shoes were cool, maybe a little too much on the color, but they were cool. Then I found a better picture that had a closer view of the shoe collection and then the disappointment began to set in.

 The sole is just too thick for me. But, it is not as thick as those Sketchers Shape Ups that claimed to help women to lose weight. Remember those hideous things?

Second, there is just too much going on! One shoe in particular has pink and yellow stripes on top of a white leather, mixed with a purple and yellow background. Let’s not forget the sole of the shoe is a camouflage of white, green, yellow, purple with a hint of pink toward the heel.

 Inside the shoe is a random color of a pastel teal, which completely throws me off. The tongue has a purple plastic material to connect the straps. 

 I have always love Puma shoes, but when I see Knowles’ collection, I see New Balance walking shoes for seniors (you know the clunky shoes with the Velcro straps).

 According to, Knowles shoes can be purcheashed at