GSU to present ‘The Glass of Water’


 The Department of Visual and Performing Arts is presenting The Glass of Water by Eugene Scribe, which will be playing in the Floyd L. Sandle Theatre from Feb. 18 through the 21  at 7 p.m. 

 The play is a comedy set in the 1700s in which major events occur from small events happening throughout the play. Main characters include British Queen Anne and Sarah Churchill, who were important figures during the time of the play. Something as small as a glass of water being picked up is enough of an event to make a major incident occur.

 Although this play was written over 100 years ago, themes in the play can still be applied in today’s life.

dmission for students is $3 and for adults $5, all tickets can be purchased in the ticket booth of the Performing Arts Center.  The theater department would love to see you there.



Starring:  Sean Turner, Kdeja Johnson, Jayla Fountain, Kadarius Gray and Rachel Chinn