Grambling student joins Clinton’s global initiative


Grambling State student David Freeman has been selected to participate in the Clinton Global Initiative University Conference this year taking place in Phoenix, Arizona. 

“I am very excited to represent Grambling State University and to engage with the best and the brightest intellectuals of my generation,” said Freeman, a senior business major from Houston.

In 2007, former president Bill Clinton started the Clinton Global Initiative University Conference to engage the next generation of college students from around the world. There will be organizations, students, and celebrities in Phoenix to discuss solutions to global problems. This event will have nearly 1,200 students there from around the globe.

At the conference there will be five main focus areas including education, environment and climate change, poverty alleviation, peace and human rights, and public health. Freeman’s initiative of commitment is to focus on education, and building literacy in the Lincoln Parish community for at risk youth. 

“The goal of my program is to build a higher aptitude and knowledge of literacy in the Lincoln Parish community,” said Freeman.

Last year of the 300 universities represented from around the globe, there were only two historically black colleges and institutions represented. Freeman’s program is called Literacy for Liberty. 

“Fredrick Douglass once said, once you learn to read, you will forever be free” said Freeman.

This program will work with Grambling State University and the community of Grambling to build and enhance literacy for at risk youth. David Freeman is looking forward to meeting with some of the top young intellectuals from around the world.

“I want to gain a fulfilling experience at the conference so that I may return to Grambling with a plethora of knowledge to help young scholars gain confidence by motivating them to reach their highest potential” said Freeman.

According to the Kids Count Data Center, Lincoln Parish has a 32% poverty rate among children. Freeman believes literacy has a lot to do with your social class, and literacy is learned. Illiteracy is passed on by parents who can not read or write.

“The importance in having a career and having a job is due to the amount of competence in literacy,” Said Freeman.

The program is due to be held in the library. This will also be good for the participating students because it will boost the morale of their young minds. They will get a chance to come on Grambling’s campus and learn in a positive learning environment.