Top Dawg Entertainment


With six upcoming projects, I believe it’s safe to say the first runner up from the group definitely sets the tone. 

Isaiah Rashad, who is one of the new kids on the block, just released his freshman album entitled Cilvia. “Cilvia,” also is the name of Rashad’s car that broke down on him before he got signed. 

 he album covers many topics like the dark childhood that created such a lyricist, and the demons he fights on a daily basis. Somehow, the tone of this album remains the same throughout the whole thing without putting the listener to sleep. Captivating lyrics and adlibs tell the story of a young country boy out of Chattanooga, Tenn

 The rapper also mentions cutting himself as a child, and even throws in an interlude where he is naming things he longs for from his hometown. 

This was the perfect way for Rashad to introduce himself to the game, just in case his previous verses haven’t done you any justice. 

 Top Dawg definitely has an ear for music, as it seems that nobody on their roster is nothing/or anything less than superior. Also, Rashad is standing out even more to me because it sounds like he has managed to incorporate each member of TDE into his style, while still remaining his own entity. 

 Next up at bat is Schoolboy Q with his Oxymoron album dropping Feb. 25. From the look at the track list and audio snippets available, it sounds like this will be yet another win for the TDE crew. So, will Rashad make XXL‘s freshman cover this year? Who knows. One thing that is written in stone and obvious is the relevance of this label will pick up this year.