GSU campus curbs are being repainted


As campus beautification continues at Grambling State University, many students may have noticed the new fighting tiger sculpture and the new benches on The Yard. Perhaps going unnoticed is something a little closer to the ground: freshly painted curbs.

About 3,000 square feet of curbs have been repainted throughout the entire campus. With bright blue, white, yellow, and red colors it is easier to see the curbs-and that’s part of the plan. Blue is for handicap parking. Red shows fire zones. Yellow is for faculty. White is for student parking.

The building parking lot that needed the most painting done was the Betty E. Smith Nursing Building on Cole Street, according to Tremell Turner, associate director of facilities. 

“The nursing building needed to be heavily repainted because it was too confusing because all of the colors faded away to blue coloring,” Turner said. “The new painting of the curbs and parking zones made it easier for commuters to understand where they can or cannot park.”

All campus curbs and parking lots have been or will be painted except for Tiger Village and Freshman Village.  Turner said the reason dorm area curbs will not be painted is because the dorms are maintained by Ambling Services. 

Some students have noticed the curbs.

“I actually noticed the repainting of the curbs and streets,” said Burgundy Hammond, a junior criminal justice major from Alexandria, La. “I believe it’s a small but noticeable difference that will play a huge role in the improvement of the campus.” 

Turner said “it is important for our students and faculty to see the zones clearly and it is important for our campus to look crisp and clean especially the painting of the curbs and parking zones.”