Being Mary Jane


 Does first place always hold the prize? Or is being in second place better? Tuesday night on Being Mary Jane, the episode before the big finale was nothing less than JUICY!!!! 

 Mary Jane found herself in a very awkward situation; as she met the wife for the third time, at an event she was speaking at. The wife meaning to belittle Mary Jane, told the women at their table that her husband was cheating on her, and she found out by the mistress(Mary Jane). 

 ”Most men cheat because of sex or because they have fallen out of love with their wives” said Mary Jane. Is this true? “Married men rarely if ever leave their wives, family, and children for the mistress” said wife.

 Is this true? Or is being in second place and working extremely hard to reach number one okay? It seems like that is the message that is being portrayed in todays society, or at least on todays televisions shows. Being “second” in a relationship is seen often not just on Being Mary Jane but also in another hit show, Scandal.  

 These women aren’t your typical “sidelines” the guys in this relationship are threatening and willing to leave their wives. As seen in tonights episode, Mark expressed his feelings to Mary Jane and told her he was leaving his wife. We’ve seen this before right? But this isn’t the end of the juicy episode, Mary Jane is still having family issues. Her mother, Helen accused Patrick’s wife of stealing her bracelet and kicked her out. Paul, Mary Jane’s father, also found out that his son Patrick was back on cocaine after two years of being clean.

 As we get closer to the two hour finale and Being Mary Jane comes to its first season ending, the suspense and action does not stop. The new top hit show, has not only toped the charts but also people’s conversations.

The show can be related not only to women but men of all kinds, married, single, addicts, and homosexuals.