The fashion ‘Conversion’

Fashion history was made last week when veteran modeling troupe, Black Dynasty, and the new troupe on the block, StrutLA, graced the runway in their first fashion show together. Starring in “The Conversion,” the two troupes took to the same stage as one, and turned into one for a fashion show presented by Tatum.

  mogul in the making and founder of the “I’m So Gramfam” clothing line, Robert Bailey, said his inspiration for “The Conversion” had been thought out for months before the idea of the fashion show emerged. The idea started with the black edition of shirts released this fall,” said Bailey. “After the releasing of six black sweatshirts, it would only be right to have Black Dynasty and StrutLA come together to bring the Conversion of Grambling State University to life.”

 he show, scheduled to start at 7 p.m. in the Men’s Gym, didn’t start until 8:48 p.m., leaving the audience highly anticipating on the clothing that was about to be displayed.

 he opening scene introduced both rival troupes’ presidents and vice presidents in their formal wear, which included a stunning leather dress and male couture leather pants. Immediately after, classroom-type scene was set up as the models strutted out to Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake,” setting the tone for the night.

 he second scene was sports-themed, starring various jerseys from different sports. “Slight Work,” by hip-hop artist Wale, was the feature music for this scene, but the fashion was anything but slight. A referee-top matched with a bright neon-yellow flirty skirt added some edge to the catwalk.

igh fashion reincarnated into a New Orleans Saints football jersey was the highlight of the night as one model walked across the runway in her belted jersey turned dress, which she paired with a pair of black knee-high boots. One Black Dynasty male model even made it rain on the runway as he threw up a handful of cash for this scene in his Red Bulls jersey.

ntermission to the fashion show included music provided by GoDJ Twin, including a hot performance by up-and-coming artist Lil’ Derrick. The DJ kept the crowd amped up while he played music by Beyonce’, Lil’ Boosie and Migos.

 he show transformed from a fashion show into a party, but quickly gravitated back into a fashion extravaganza highlighting the last look of the night. The scene, titled “I’m So Gramfam,” ended the evening and also featured some of the newest and original pieces of work to step foot on Grambling State University’s campus.

 he “I’m So Gramfam” moments featured pieces from the brand originated by Bailey at Grambling State University. It was in this moment where the models would rip the runway in a variety of the ever-so-popular “I’m So Gramfam” shirts that launched this fall 2013.

 he gold “40 Years,” red “Eye of the Tiger,” Pink “23 Parties,”  black and white “Black Queens” and the white “Original” shirts all made their way down the runway and into the finale. Each top was tailored and styled to the tee as they each blazed the “I’m So Gramfam” slogan. A sweet little girl made her appearance in her very own “Bob the Builder” sweatshirt, a line made especially for children and is expected to be launched this semester.

 hen asked what thoughts ran through his mind as he witnessed his art being displayed on the runway, Bailey said, “God is real. The late nights that I spent planning and working paid off and to watch a magnificent show was a blessing.”

emarkably, models from both StrutLA and Black Dynasty agreed the show was an attention-grabbing experience and without a doubt revealed what happens when two forces come together and unite to originate a fierce trend-setting Conversion.