Super Bowl XLVIII


By: Kevin Keise

Who will win: Denver Broncos


I knew the Seattle Seahawks was going to be good this season. In fact, I initially picked them as my preseason favorite to win Super Bowl XLVIII, but I had no clue Peyton Manning would eclipse what he did last year with the Denver Broncos.

It’s Peyton Manning’s time. Usually, I oppose Peyton Manning in the playoff because he normally folds under pressure, but lately he has been scorching. Manning is averaging 315 yards per game along with 2 touchdowns, and he has only thrown one interception in the entire playoffs.

Manning has been almost mistake free and with a balanced rushing attack, Denver will pull it off. Please don’t sleep on the Bronco’s defense either. Even without their best player Von Miller, their defense has shown up when they needed. 

Russell Wilson will have to make plays for the Seahawks, in the pocket. He can’t just manage the game.

Score Prediction: 27- 21


By: Steven Pulliam

Who Will Win: Denver Broncos


  With the Super Bowl only a few days away the pressure is on for both teams to get their game plans right. Both Seattle and Denver have strong points within their teams. Seattle, with a very strong defense, and Denver, with a potent offense, but Seattle will win because defense always wins championships. If you look in the past Super Bowls the stronger defense normally wins.

    The year New England had the record setting offense in 2007 they made it all the way to the Super Bowl against the New York Giants. New England end up losing the game because of the Giants strong defensive line which negated New England’s points. Seattle’s defense is top ten in all categories this season and is being discussed as one of the best of all time.

  Seattle’s offense isn’t as strong as Denver’s, but with the young, and talented Russell Wilson in only his second season, there is a chance. Although it was only the preseason, Seattle beat Denver 40-10 way back in the second preseason game. Wilson’s ability to scramble out the pocket and make plays with his feet will also be big factor in the game where as Peyton Manning isn’t a scrambling quarterback and Seattle’s defense will have to put pressure on Manning.  Also, with Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch in the backfield for Wilson,  the Seahawks can be able to control the clock and keep Manning and the offense off the field.

   With all that being said Seattle will win this game 27-24 with a last second field goal. 

Score Prediction: 27-24


By: Joshua Freeman 

Who Will Win: Seattle Seahawks 


When it comes to team stats, Denver ranks within the top four in the league in total offense and passing. They are also a pretty good team defensively, leading in total defense and rushing. 

Seattle is ranked No. 5 in offensive rushing yards per game (144.5).

For the Broncos, their passing will be their biggest threat. The Broncos have a variety of receivers they can use to their advantage. The greatest quality about these receivers is that they all pose different threats. Welker’s elusiveness on screen passes can make for quick gains on weak cover two defenses. J. Thomas and D. Thomas can remain deep field threats distracting the defense with deep corner and go routes. 

Running back Marshawn Lynch will be Seattle’s primary method of moving the ball. His strength and size will be an asset to double threat QB Russell Wilson, who is just as good as Manning, if not better. 

Both teams are evenly matched playing in weather in which they are very use to. It should be a close game.

Score Prediction: 31-28