They call that dance the Nae Nae

 When it comes to hip-hop, dancing has always been one of the four main foundations of the culture. Over the years, just as hip-hop changed, so did the dances that came along with it.

 As of lately, this new Atlanta dance called the “Nae Nae” has gone viral over the Internet. The new dance in the hip-hop world was created by a male group from Morrow, Ga., called We Are Toonz.

 The “Nae Nae” is a basic dance with simple moves, with a catchy song attached. Popular DJ on campus, Lamon Wimberly, said there are two songs that are attached to the “Nae Nae”. They are “Stoner” by Young Thug and “Nae Nae” by the dance’s creators, We Are Toonz.

 Since November, people have added their own style or version of the dance. It involves a person to wave his/her hands in the air, which sort of acts as a leading wave flowing throughout the rest of your body, all while stepping in place. In my opinion the hips are required to move a little bit too loosely for me to do this comfortably, but hey whatever floats your boat.

 I have an old fashioned soul when it comes to music, so maybe I’m just the old grumpy guy refusing to progress with time, but this dance is just something I can’t get with.

 Before the most memorable milestones in the hip-hop dance movement would have to be when Soulja Boy came out with his Crank Dat series. But, others say that the last dance accepted with a song  that was a hit was Cali Swag District’s “Teach Me How To Dougie”.

 The Crank Dat series included a number of songs that started with the phrase “crank dat”, followed by some nouns such as batman, Sponge Bob, etc. As a matter of fact, Atlanta can recieve a lot of credidation when it comes to catchy dances that have been created in the past. Atlanta was once known for producing rebellious, creative, stand tall artists such as Outkast, Kriss Kross, Cee Lo, etc.

 At first site, the “Nae Nae” looks like a gender friendly dance made to get everybody into a rocking motion, but when truly examined, this dance is quite feminine and makes you second guess the health of hiphop. If this were a dance created for females, it would be completely fine, but the excitement males get from doing and watching this dance is kind of creepy.

 I do applaud them on their creativity though, this dance has landed itself in the NBA with Dwight Howard being in the music video. I just choose to stay in my comfortable little hip-hop zone until this dance craze passes over.