The Yard, is back this semester!

Last week many Grambling State University students anticipated a fun and exciting Tiger Tuesday since the hard has been relatively empty since GSU began their campus Beautification project last semester, but the hopeful students were let down that day.

However, two days later, on Thursday between the hours of 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., the yard was unexpectedly live. Live in the Urban Dictionary context of jumping, full of people, exciting, something was very enjoyable.

 The identical twin DJs Lamon and Laquann Wimberly, were asked Tuesday to DJ on the Yard during the reading period.

Lamon said after last Thursday, he received positive feedback from several students on the turnout and plans to be involved in future events on the Yard
“I thought the turn out was great for the first one of the semester,” Lamon said. “It was highly anticipated.”

Tiger Thursday was a good way to get the students to be more involved on campus. The Favor Student Board was there to inform the students about upcoming campus events and they also provided newsletters.

“The purpose of the event is for students to relax and fellowship between classes,” Raven Leday FSUB’s president said. “It is also a good way to get out information to the students quickly because that’s where everybody comes during the 11 a.m.- 1 p.m. period.”

Many students from various organizations showed up. The AKAs were there, the Q Dogs came out, KKPsi was all the way turned up for the first time in a while, the Greeks and non-Greeks did an unofficial stroll off, there was a mini dance off and students enjoyed all kinds of music that the Djs provided.

The Yard as so crowed that day, party promoters didn’t have to place fliers on people cars, the word of their party easily got around just by being on the yard.
“Some students said that last Thursday was better than some we had last semester,” Lamon added.