State Capital to hast GSU day

Grambling State University is proud to announce that Northern Louisiana’s “best kept secret” will strut its stuff to state legislators in the state’s capitol.
On March 18, the prestigious and renowned university will have its own day in the central part of the Sportsman’s Paradise at the State Capitol in Baton Rouge.  Working diligently in the preparation and planning of the highly anticipated event, Debra Johnson said some years ago, the university had a designated day at the capitol.  
“It was time to return to Baton Rouge in a celebratory way. We have great students, faculty and administration and we want to display what this university has to offer,” said Johnson, interim executive director of external affairs at GSU. “GSU Day at the state capitol will be a significant event for the university as well as the State of Louisiana.”
A significant day for the academic community, the university plans to showcase more than the fruitful programs it has to offer students studying in different disciplines. “The university is in great standing with its accreditations and offers a wealth of programs to our students, community and the State of Louisiana,” added Johnson. “It’s time to let everyone know that we are emerging from being Northern Louisiana’s best kept secret.”
President Frank G. Pogue was pleased to hear that GSU Day is back at the capitol. He said this “one of a kind” opportunity came about through a close acquaintance from the state’s capital. “Wanting to move Grambling in the right direction, we wanted to have an event that honors this historical institution and make surrounding areas aware of what we have to offer,” said Pogue. “When it was brought to our attention that such an event was held in the past at the State Capitol, we acted fast to see what could be done to bring back GSU Day.”
Pogue said he urges all Tiger fans, alums and supporters from Louisiana and neighboring states to save-the-date and come down to Baton Rouge to celebrate this significant day. “Not everyone can say that their university has its own day,” said the president, “and I urge all supporters of Grambling to come out and show everyone what makes Grambling a place for everyone.”
Johnson said GSU alumni, faculty, staff, students and supporters who want to help, or just want more information, should contact her office at or 318-274-2217.