Boot season is back

With winter having settled in and temperature dropping it like it’s hot, it is evident that the fashionistas and shoe junkies have already stocked up on the latest boots and made a few “unnecessary” purchases over the break.
I know because I made six unnecessary purchases of boots and shoes at Dillard’s infamous sale Jan. 1. But hey, I only spent about $160, and that is a $26 average per pair of shoe/boot coming from popular brands of Jessica
Simpson to Cole Haan. While you are not guar-
anteed to find the cutest sandals or flats this season, you will see boots everywhere you shop. Let’s not forget the wide variety of different styles of boots.
From mid-thigh boots to classy booties, from country- western boots to the edgy studded boots, there is a boot of some type, shape or form that will complete your winter wardrobe this season.
For those unsure on where to start or what kind of boots to add to your closet, allow me to introduce you to some of my purchases and favorite boots.
A popular “standout style”
this season according to fash– ion bloggers and writers is my personal favorite – the ankle boot. I fell in love with the style so much that I had to buy two similar (but still different) pairs of black ankle boots.
So far, I have worn my ankle boots with high-waisted pants from H&M and jeans from Forever 21.
Another style I strongly recommend is the knee-high boot, which can come in a variety of styles like a flat
or heel. Sometimes the style comes above the knee. This style is perfect to wear with leggings and an oversized sweater (flat knee-high boot).
The “motorcycle boot,” also referred to as a moto
boot, is the perfect style to make your look edgy. A flat boot with a chunky stacked heel, the style comes in neutral colors. The majority of the time I have only seen this style in black with straps or sometimes studs. Celebri– ties such as Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes and Ciara have been spotted wearing this kind of boot.
Very popular in the Greek world and military, the com- bat boot is another style that I would recommend as well. On a rainy day, while many students wear rain boots on campus, I wear my combat boots. In my closet I have a    21 for just $10! brown pair and black, and    This style is very comfort- they were on sale at Forever    able, especially if you are flat-
footed like me, and combat boots complete almost any casual outfit you have in mind.