Alum starts new scholarship

The statistics for African-American males attending college is lower than 3.5 percent being that 3.5 is the percentage for all African-Americans attending college, which includes males and females, according to
One attribution to that statistic could be from funding, seeing that 50 percent of African-American children live below the poverty line, also according to
Former Grambling State University student Glen Price is the founder of Priceless Productions LLC and the company has organized its first scholarship program titled “Unchained Life” determined to provide some finical aid to qualified African-American males who are pursuing a higher education.
“As an up and coming business, Priceless Productions LLC’s main focus is enhancing the youths minds to not conform to secular things and events. Our purpose is to get young men to think differently and not fall victim to how the world wants them to think, talk and act,” Glen Price, founder of Priceless Productions LLC, said.
The scholarship will be available to select high school seniors in
Louisiana. The scholarship will award $500 to each selected applicant and the proceeds will be dispersed according to available funds. The seniors will redeem scholarships when they provide a class schedule and registered transcript to any accredited university.
Price will not be able to do this alone, as he is currently seeking help from businesses, communities, churches, schools, universities, local and national organizations, friends and supporters to show concern and support of this scholarship program by making a donation.
All donations can be made out by money orders or checks to Priceless Productions LLC also you can donate online and check the status of us reaching our goal at
Unchained is designed to empower young African-American high school male students in hopes of teaching them to stand up and not become apart of the statistic.
The Unchained Life scholarship program will also help mold them into being respectable, intelligent, and career driven men.
Priceless Productions LLC is a youth empowerment company that believes in giving back and mentoring our youth of today so they will be great future.
The Unchained Life scholarship separates itself from other scholarships because it not only is designed to help fund young African-American men who are pursuing a higher education, but also serves as an empowerment program that will help mentor these young men and give them hands on insight by other successful and educated men that have a passion for helping others. This program will be utilized to help in this endeavor.  
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