SGA changes leadership going into spring


  A new Student Government Association president was sworn in Monday after Jordan Harvey resigned from his position Dec. 20.

 Marcus Solomon, the new SGA president, is a junior mass communication major from Kansas City, Mo. 

 During his college tenure at GSU, Solomon has played several leadership roles in the SGA, including vice president after being elected by the student body in spring 2013. 

 He told The Gramblinite that he has plans set in place for this spring semester on campus.

 ”I have a ‘three R plan’ that is my focus,” said Solomon, “which is recruitment, retention and  rebuilding Grambling.”

 Solomon has upcoming programs and seminars to jumpstart the semester this month. He also said that an internship program within the SGA will open soon to students, allowing new faces to be a part of the entity.

 Dr. Stacey Duhon, who oversees the student governing process, declined to comment on whether a former SGA president has ever resigned from the position in the middle of the academic year. Duhon is also the vice president of Student Affairs.

 It is still unclear why Harvey  had to resign last semester. The crux of the confusion is centered around the requirements of the  Student Government Assoication old and new constitution. 

 Last spring, Harvey, along with the rest of students running for SGA positions in the 2013-2014 academic year, was elected under the old constitution. Prior to the election the old constitution was in the process of being revised. The revision effort started under  former president Channing Gaulden’s administration in 2011-2012.

 According to, the constitution was revised on March 27, 2013, and the student body approved the revisions during spring elections in April. 

 Harvey, along with close acquaintances, said he made a personal decision to focus on his education. Though not holding an official SGA position, the Georgia native still plans to work closely with Solomon and the student entity. 

 ”Marcus is off to a good start,” said Harvey. “If he needs any help, he can call me at any time.”

 In the meantime, Solomon will be working to fill the new vacant vice president slot.

The university spokesman Will Sutton said Solomon will work closely with the administration during this student-run selection process.

 ”They are reviewing the guidelines, bylaws, etc., to select a vice president and it should be a quick turn around,” said Sutton.