New head coach plans to win next football season


A Monroe native and 1997 Grambling State University alumnus plans to win as GSU’s new head football coach. 

“Our expectation is to get better every day and win every game,” said Broderick Fobbs. “We want our opponents to hate playing us because we are so physical, and exhaust them with our endurance and speed. 

“I believe I’ve been given the plan by God and worked through the years by faith to develop a system that will foster success.” 

Frank G. Pogue, the university’s president; Aaron James, the athletic director, and Leon Sanders, the vice president of Finance and Administration and Chair of the Head Football Coach Search committee said Fobbs was chosen from a pool of more than 100 applicants.  

“I am humbled by becoming the head football coach at the greatest university on this side of heaven,” said Fobbs

Fobbs takes over a football team that is 2-20 over the last two seasons. 

“Grambling is the rebuilding business,” said Pogue at a Monday news conference in the Eddie G. Robinson Museum. “Coach Fobbs will be playing a leading role in this rebuilding. He will be a university leader, on the field and off the field.” 

“If there is one thing that impressed the university about this football coach, it’s his commitment to student success in academics and in athletics,” said Pogue

Fobbs is a football coach, husband, father and believer. 

“I do this solely to uplift the name of Jesus Christ and also for my babies,” said Fobbs as he pointed to his daughters, Kyndal, 5, and Rylee, 2.  

Coach Fobbs comes from a close-knit family with deep Grambling State roots. Both of his parents attended Grambling, and his father was a member of the GSU football team, as he was.

“It’s not too often that a young man gets the opportunity to be raised by an athlete they look up to,” said Fobbs. “Most athletes have a poster in their home; my poster was my dad.” 

Joined by his wife, Kim Fobbs, and a host of family and friends, Fobbs received a warm welcome from GSU supporters, faculty and student-athletes in the Doris Robinson Room of the museum. 

As an alumnus from Carroll High School in Monroe, he welcomes the opportunity to recruit from within Louisiana, but looks forward to finding competitive athletes from outside state lines. 

“Recruiting is like shaving; if you don’t do it every day it shows,” said Fobbs. “We will take care of home, which is Louisiana, but also attack other out-of-state areas. Recruiting is the heart and soul of this operation,” said Fobbs