Favrot Student Union Board members extend warm welcome


    Grambling’s Favrot Student Unio Board (FSUB) opened the spring semester with a series of events for the returning students. FSUB is Grambling’s social event planner, their motto is “We work hard so you can play hard.” 

    This week FSUB hosted the following events for the students, Monday “Move-in pizza party” at 1p.m., and later that night was “Night in the Union” at 7 p.m. 

“I am thankful for FSUB, they’re always  coming  up with something to keep us entertained said Tre’Stevenson Jones. 

    Friday, Jan. 3 FSUB hosted their third event which was the late night breakfast at the McCall Dinning Hall. Students came out and enjoyed their breakfast on campus.

“There aren’t many students on campus therefore the lines were much shorter, so I got about three or four plates” , said Roy Rawls and junior here at Grambling

    FSUB ends the “Welcome Back Bash” with the Lady Tigers and the Tigers basketball game against Alabama State Hornets. 

Unfortunately Grambling Men didn’t pull of the win the game end in a 68-51 loss, the men overall record is now 1-9. On the brighter side the Lady Tigers beat Alabama State Lady Hornets in a 66-63 win, the Lady Tigers overall rector is 4-8. 

“I have hope for both basketball teams we just have to get adjusted to the New  Year and I think we will be ok”, said Aubrey Davis a sophomore at GSU

    A few students had concerns on how FSUB selected the activities they plan. After an interview with FSUB’s president Raven LeDay she stated “The executive board goes through an event planning process after the fall semester has ended”.  Also when asked “how does FSUB come to a final decision on which events to choose?, LeDay explained, “We look at past events that have had successful outcomes and discuss and update them.”      

    FSUB’s executive board includes president- Raven LeDay, vice-president- Kendra Hall, administrative assistant -Akunna Amaefule, and business manager – Josh Allmon