As We See It


Sagging scandal 

Back in February, the city of Grambling passed a “No Sagging” ordinance. The GSU officials stated several times that sagging was not an issue on campus and the ordinance would not affect students. They were right. As of the end of 2013, no one had been fined for sagging. The penalty for a first violation was $150.  Students are still sagging, but they are somewhat respectful. Usually when you ask GSU students to pull up their pants, they obey. 


Wale gives 5K to GSU

When rap artist Wale announced the during GSU homecoming concert in November that he would be sending a check back to the football team, students were excited. But, the amount was slight lower than expected. Wale sent $5,000 for new uniforms. We will see next season if the money is put to good use or if it will enter Grambling’s black hole of donated money. 

Pageant controversy 

The crowning of Miss Cover Girl Tiara Thomas and the other 12 calendar girls did not come without a long, long wait. It took pageant judges and administration more than an hour to announce winners, and then later had to strip five girls of their titles. Although, Grambling tried to apologize and make it up to some of the girls, the damage had been done. Imagine being announced a winner in front of your family and friends, then later being told you haven’t won anything and to bring back your sash. Embarrassing, right? 

Band at Inauguration 

The World Famed Tiger Marching Band has done it again. They were the only university band to be invited to both of President Barack Obama’s inaugurations. They were one of two bands period to be invited twice; the other band being Obama’s high school, Punahou School in Honolulu. So it’s safe to say that the World Famed has continued to march with excellence and remains on top as one of the best bands in the nation- scratch that; in the WORLD. 

Lil Snupe

Lil Snupe died in July but we unanswered questions remain. Whatever happened to his accused killer Tony Holden? Is he still in jail? Has he had ONE court date? Did Meek Mill kill Lil Snupe and  Holden take the fall? Did Meek Mill pay for the police to sneak him out the back? We probably will never know what happened to Lil Snupe, but it’s easy to predict he was about two days from blowing up. It’s too bad he died before he saw his dreams come true. It’s refreshing to see his friends and fans continue to live through him music. 

58 percent budget cut 

In September, the university President Dr. Frank G. Pogue announced the extend of GSU’s state funding loss. He said fiscal budget was cut from $31 million to 13 million over five years. Students, faculty and staff all suffered alike. Tuition continues to rise and the number of out-of-state fee waivers distributed has decreased, causing some students to drop out or take a semester off in order to work. Some professors are asked to double workloads by adding more classes to teach and/or increasing the class sizes. In additional, vacant positions remain unfilled and some workers have been laid off.  Grambling State is in a state of emergency. Administration and students must find ways to raise money to save our prestigious institution. 

First Win

It’s about time the GSU men’s basketball team won a game.  They dropped 32 games in a row extending over two seasons (2012-2013, 2013-2014) With head coach Joseph Price in his second season, the Tigers beat Central Baptist College with a score of 83-75.