Staffer Farewell


Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition” – Steve Jobs.

Someone told me this and for a long time I never understood what following my heart meant, but coming to Grambling State University I found that inner voice that had been screaming to come out for 19 years. 

In the fall of 2009 I walked onto Grambling State University campus for the first time. This was a time in my life where I stood for nothing so it was easy for me to fall for anything, but I was definitely was strong willed compared to my influences on the campus. Yearning to find my ‘place’ on this huge campus, Lyrical Quest is where I found my fit. Finally reciting a poem, a tall slim girl with long arms and thick dreads whose poems I once admired walks up to me and tells me about The Gramblinite. 

Starting at The Gramblinite relieved stress for me because it was another outlet to be creative and express myself.         When I started for the paper I was a contributing writer and I noticed how much of a family the Gramblinite was and still is. When it came to writing I didn’t want to shadow anyone because I felt as though I would lose my own voice so I sort of found my own way. 

Being faced with the tragedy of losing my best friend, mother, grandmother and preacher, Julia Anne Lewis, this semester I thought it was impossible for me to go on. But I am blessed to have the essentials she taught me and my faith to continue my education. 

This loss took a toll on me but I realized that I needed to succeed not only for her but for myself. I miss my best friend and our conversations. When I received the news of my graduating  you were the first persons number I dialed and forgot just that fast that you were no longer here.

  Friends have came and gone but I gained some true friends in the process. Tashera Savage, Jasmine Hollaway and Roland Alexis, have came and gone leaving me missing them. But with them being gone it made me focus on coming to GSU as Lacey and leaving as Miss Mayo. 

Over the years I definitely gained a newfound love for my Gramblinite family and the Mass Communication Department. Lord knows the Gramblinite has had its ups and downs but in the mist of it all I gained some lifelong friends. Justin Madden; aka Big Hefty left in May with Ciley Carrington, but those guys will forever put a smile on my face thinking of all the memories we shared in the newsroom; every five minutes cracking on each others mothers and hearing Ms. Dunn break it up with her infamous “uhhhh Justin and Ciley!” That will have me cracking up laughing every time I think of it. I will miss my Gramblinite family down to all the fights, arguing, debates, late nights and ribbing sessions. 

I will definitely miss my politically correct beautiful African Queen Kimberly Monroe

My fellow Gemini sister was one who related to me most in the newsroom. She would be a challenge for any man. Kimberly you encouraged me to be a better young lady making me realize my worth; having that strong will and firm fist is something we share in common and you will definitely succeed. 

David “Lil Dave” Lankster, my brother, co-worker and friend, I will miss how real you kept things with me no matter how I felt. There are not many people who are willing to tell you what you need to hear versus what you want to hear. You were that voice of reason for me right along with Justin when I would almost blow a gasket. You’ve looked out for me and became a mentor and I appreciate you for that and bringing Lil Dave in the world always putting a smile on my face on my worse days.

Kevin “Aggravating” Keise you are that annoying little brother in the family that mom said you have to bring with you or else you cant go. But to be honest if you weren’t getting on my nerves I would think something was wrong.

You were my very first friend at GSU along with Victoria Heath and who knew we would still be friends after all these years. You shocked me taking the leadership position but I definitely commend you for it. People don’t realize the talent you posses and with that fact I know you will be successful. 

Tierra Smith (the baby) and Austin Richard, you have made my late nights in the newsroom incredibly hilarious! You have “Gave me life” on plenty occasions. Evan Peters you are the nicest sarcastic a-hole I have ever met.

Thank you Ms. Joice M. Dunn, Mrs. Cage and Dr. Murray for everything you have done for me in my last years attending GSU. I love you Ms. Dunn if I don’t tell you enough and will definitely miss hearing your voice. Last but not least I would love to thank my wonderful mother Rechell Pierre and D’Audrio Patton for being my support system throughout my last years attending Grambling..

The journey from 2009- 2013 at Grambling State University has been rough, but I am blessed and forever thankful.



Lacey Mayo is a senior mass communication major from New Orleans.