Pskillz out Da buildin’


The first time I exited interstate 20 exit – 81 and came across the bridge. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Riding front seat  with the windows down into what appeared to be a town full of black and gold tiger fans and old school box chevy’s with cartoon characters painted on the doors. 

Coming from a high school senior perspective, Grambling State University was giving me a first time experience I never knew existed. Being at a  Historically Black University I gave it the benefit of the doubt that I would consider attending my Aunt’s Jennifer Hoyle (Criminal Justice major) Alma Mater 1988′.

Eleven months later I was once again exiting ramp  81 . Ready to begin my freshman year as a Criminal Justice major I was highly  enthused. Nine n a half hours I- 55 South of the Mississippi river from my hometown St. Louis, Missouri.  Grambling was a culture shock technology, physically, and visually wise. Two weeks later I was still adjusting to my new destination.  An upperclassman once told me , “Grambling is the country sure enough, BUT its what you make of it”

Mass Communication was my new interest of study. Soon I joined the Favorite Student Board committee and tried to become as involved as possible. 

Homecoming and Spring Fest times where like ladders of progress. After my spare of the moment, improv thinking during Charlie Murphy’s disrespectful, performance incident at the Assembly Center. Taking the stage as “MC to the rescue” by controlling and entertaining the crowd  off the strength of being myself.

I knew from that moment forward hosting and performing was what God wanted me to do. I even gained experience while working and opening up with artist such as  Chris Tucker, Bruce Bruce, Steve Brown, Arnez J, Lil’ Duval, Ace Hood, 2 Chains, Miguel, Wale, Elle Varner, and Melanie Fiona.

GSU has blessed me with the opportunity to showcase my talents and uplift my peers, classmates and friends. 

As my undergraduate years come to a close I want to give each and every professor, person or partners I ever came in contact with a warm thank you for motivating me to keep persevering through this journey. My future is in the hands of the man upstairs.

No matter where I go in life I will not forget the tools and trades that Grambling State University taught me. I pray that my fellow Gramblinites keep all the traditions and legacies going for another 112 years. Phillipians 4:13 has been my most closest scripture in life.  I can honestly say I know the true meaning of GSU’s motto. “A Place Where Everybody is Somebody”. I have been changed for the better.


Peter D. Dorsey is a senior mass communication major from St. Louis.