Paul Walker’s sudden death shocking to GSU students

Paul Walker was killed in a horrific car accident on Saturday in Valencia, Calif., while in the passenger side of a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT. The famous actor was 40-years-old.

Police are still investigating the exact speed of the vehicle upon crashing, but estimates show the car was exceeding the limit of 150 mph before hitting a tree. Grambling students expressed their thoughts about the tragic situation. “This is a sad case,” said Tyree Hollins.

“I hate that this happened to him. I loved to see him in the movies and I felt like I knew him as a person. I send my condolences to his family.”

“When I heard it I didn’t believe it until I looked on- line and seen it for myself,” said Jessica Tisdale. “He was a phenomenal actor who seemed like the sweetest person.”

“I really loved all of the “Fast & Furious,” movies said Taylor Smith.

“He was an incredible ac- tor. This is so sudden and he was so young. I loved his appearance on and off- screen. He will always be remembered not only for his work but also his character off-screen, and how he carried himself.” The police also stated

that the speed of the car was a factor in the crash because the car they were driving is a very difficult car to control at that level of speed. He was in the area to attend his charity event for his organization “Reach Out World-wide.”

Paul Walker was on break from filming Fast 7 during the Thanksgiving holiday when this incident happened.

They were scheduled to resume filming in Atlanta, Ga on Sunday. Walker’s co-stars went to the site to express their condolences to the ac- tor.

“Your humble spirit was felt from the start,” Ludacris said on Twitter.

Vin Diesel wrote on instagram with a picture of those two, “Brother, I will miss you very much. I am absolutely speechless.”

Paul Walker was a talented actor who did awesome jobs in every film he featured including Fast & Furious series, The Skulls, Varsity Blues, and Flags of our Fathers.

Paul Walker will be missed, and now the movie Fast 7, is postponed and is seriously thinking about the future of the rest of the series.

“That was my dude. He was a great actor. I hate that he had to die that way and so soon. He will be missed,” Travis Donald said.