No goodbyes, just see you at the top

Dear ole Grambling, my experiences here have been truly remarkable. I remember being in Las Vegas, when traveling to another state was only a dream. Now it is hard to believe my dream is now over. 

I will forever cherish all the opportunities and people I met here, from my girls to the wonderful faculty. 

I want to start off by thanking Mr. Santoria Black, I remember when I called you “Sr.” at the Arkansas game, and you kindly corrected me and told me, “its just San.” You have taught me so much from radio broadcast to life lessons. If I walked into one of your meetings with a bitter heart, you made sure I prayed before I left your presence. 

You have given so much of yourself to this institution and the students, and on the behalf of all of us thank you.  Mr. B!! I feel favored for receiving the opportunity to work under you. A lot of people teach but very few do it with your passion. You did not only invite us all into your studio, but into your heart. Because of you, my resume is great, because of you, my creativity is un-comparable, because I not only have the talent, but I have the love for it all. There are very few good people out there, and I’m blessed to have met one like you, thank you. 

My ladies! Mrs. Dunn, Ms. Peters, Mrs. Cage, Mrs. Ford Dunn!! You all kept me laughing when my heart at times was in pain, you all did your best to make sure I am not just an Equal Opportunity Employee, but pushed me to be the best qualified candidate for any position I choose, I will never forget all the great things you each taught me, thank you. 

Now to my soul mates who changed my life, Dannyell, Stephanie and Latorria. Dannyell Nick Keyma Lewis, I met you first, my Cali girl who always keep a big smile on my face. You are Hilarious chick! I have never laughed as hard or as much with anybody. You are my heart! You helped me learn so much about myself, If I know nothing, I know God thought of us, when he created true friendship, although you have attacked me on many occasions, and we play fight like boys, I would literally give up my heart, if you just simply wanted it.

You are beauty, inside and out.  Stephanie, Stephanie, … Stephanie, it is an honor being your sister. Your love never waivers. You taught me the power of friendship and the importance of loving somebody unconditionally, because you loved the whole me, flawed and all. You sister friend are my kindred spirit, when God created us as friends, its only because he knew blood couldn’t make us any closer. Latorria Ria Tori Ri Ri, it amazes me how ratched, amazing, hood, phenomenal ghetto classy we can be at the same time together! You are my backbone, I couldn’t be this bold, strong and powerful without you. I truly believe it was your prayers that have granted me more grace to be here. Although I met you last, I feel like I have known you my whole life. You ladies are my sisters, God didn’t give me blood sisters, because he granted me favor when he placed you all in my life. I’m grateful, thankful and overwhelmed that I received you three blessings. 

To my Queen Chimene, you are everything I want to be and more. None of this would be possible without your love. You designed me into an outstanding woman. I know how to love on people, and that is the best gift any mother can give her child. My degree is in your name, you sacrificed yourself, so that I can receive any goodness God had planned for me. There are no words that I can say that are worthy enough, for how grateful I am, but a simple, THANK YOU MOM will do. My King Francou, I never needed because of you. You loved on me so that I would not seek it in foreign places, you taught me so much and gave me understanding, you listened when I had no words, and you pushed me, when I thought I had no more fight. I AM EVERY BIT OF AMAZING BECAUSE OF YOU. I am and forever will be, my daddy’s little girl.  Your love for me makes me the best person I could be. All of this was made possible because of you. To my best friend, Billy! Why is my name so ghetto and yours isn’t? The first gift of value you gave me was a ring, then a bible. That alone shows my union to God. You gave me salvation. You taught me how to hear God’s voice, and you helped me create my own. There is no grater bond then the one we share! And like you once told me “When its all over and we are in heaven, when we have forgotten all the earthly things, and no longer know each other, we will still be hanging around each other at heavens gate, because of how strong our love was here on earth.” I want to think all the friends I have met here, Morgan, Kourtney, Tempestt and Tom, you all are so fun, and each made my college life more special. 

My Sports Radio Family and the TV Center, you all are amazing. As for you God, how could you love me so much? Your grace and mercy alone are enough. I promise you, that when I make it to your kingdom, you will be proud. I love you most.