Casual rap fans might recArt & Style editor ognize the Queens-based

and is in his role as an enter- tainer full of imagination. His lyrics are so over the top, so detached, they create an enter- taining distraction from one’s brain.

Bronson’s storytelling is clearly tasteful, yet its intense detail allowing the listener to visualize his world, creating a

reality portrayal of street life found on so many of his rap records.

You may look at him and think wow, how can this guy be a rapper. However, hip- hop is paying attention. Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, LL Cool J, Lloyd Banks and Styles P are some prominent rappers who

have been featured on Bronson tracks within the last year. Blue Chips 2, his latest release, features guest verses from unde– ground stars like Ab-Soul and Mac Miller, further solidifying Bronson’s credibility as a rap- per.

His commitment to his well-strategic persona is full of

braggadocio. Bronson has the natural ability and originality to back up his boasts of grass- ness, I mean greatness. Talented rappers are a dime a dozen, but this guy injects humor into stereotypical rap content.

Don’t sleep on Action Bron– son, he’s become one of your favorite rappers favorite rapper.

Think of a highly stoned, deeply weird, very food-obsessed person. Meet Action Bronson, he wants you, us, the listeners, to hold a strong grasp on the music styles that make him who he is sonically.

emcee from his verse on “1 Train,” the A$AP Rocky pos– se cut that features Bronson rapping about fixing college football games and comparing a woman to a Chilean horse. That’s those J’s talking.

Bronson shines as an artist