Hip-hop is my culture, pop culture


Hip-hop is a broad conglomerate of artistic forms that originated within a marginalized subculture in the South Bronx amongst Black and Latino youth doing the 1970s in New York City. 

It is characterized by four distinct elements, rap music, DJing, Break dancing and graffiti. Hip-hop music is a genre consisting of a stylize Rythmetic music that commonly accompanies rapping rhyming speech that is chanted. 

Other elements include sampling and beat boxing while often used to prefer with rapping hip-hop more. 

My favorite rapper has to go to Kendrick Lamar because because of his rapping schemes.  

The way he raps metaphorically and physically, his style of writing is his own. He never uses hard bars from no other rappers. Kendrick is unique in his own lane. 

Actually, I think Drake’s Nothing Was The Same album was great. I was absolutely shocked when I heard his tracks because he wasn’t in his feelings as much people say he was. 

My favorite song on that album Is “Pound Cake” featuring Jay Z. That song motivates me to make better beats for my brother who is also a great up-and-coming artists.


Jae Hill is a Grambling State University Laboratory High School Senior from Farmerville.


What Christmas means to me and my family

Christmas means to get your family together and be thankful for everything you have. My family does different activities during the month of December. 

We have family night to go see the lights or maybe take my family to the movies. All the sweet things like play family games. 

Why should you be in Christmas spirit? The reason why because, everything and everyone is joyful and anxious to see and open presents. 

The other thing is to share love for people by blessing them with gifts because giving is better than receiving. 

God put you on this earth to be joyful and happy, therefore christmas Eve is the second most important day of the month.

That’s the time when you travel or eat at another family members house and get your presents.

This is the perfect time to go and talk and catch up on memories. While the kids and you have all the fun, it’s time to get some cookies for Santa Claus. 

Happy Holidays!!!

Monsanto Nelson is a Grambling State University Laboratory High School junior from Ruston.


Student council president speaks out about role

As Grambling High School’s Student Council president, I would like to take the opportunity to speak out about my role, duties, and expectations of being the voice of the entire GHS student body.

Knowingly, I have been attending Grambling Laboratory Schools for numerous years, but when I first entered the doors of Grambling High School I sat there ambitiously asking myself a million questions. “Did I choose the right school?”; “Is it worth the sacrifices I made to be here?” 

Well I can assure you that I am honored to be attending a school with such kitten pride, spirit, and respect. As the school year progresses, we as learners have an enormous gift from our educators. 

The gift of enhancing the lives of us as students. While serving two terms as Student Council president, it has been my duty to emphasize ethics and integrity, encourage school spirit and pride within and among classes, serve as a liaison between students and faculty, and enhance the quality of education by involving the student body in activities, sports, and programs in the community that build citizenship and encourage self-esteem. 

I want the Grambling High School student body to take advantage of the expertise of each faculty member, and to set high expectations and realistic goals. I also want to encourage them to actively participate in school & extra-curricular activities. 

With the help of the Student Council members, we have had the opportunity to take the small steps needed to make Grambling High School and the Grambling community a better place to learn, to work, and to thrive.



Adarian Demonte’ Williams is a Grambling State University Laboratory High School senior from Ruston.