The ‘Best’ long awaited sequel


The Best Man Holiday, which opened in second place with an estimate $30.6 million, is the sequel to a movie that came out 14 years ago and did only $34 million in total business back then ($54 million at today’s price).

This weekend sequel made just as much in three days as The Best Man earned during it’s whole run.

The movie earned great reviews from all over and had a great promotion team. It’s the epitome of a great movie, from the laughs to the tears. Writer Malcolm D. Lee shouldn’t have waited 14 years to do a sequel.

The Best Man Holiday reunites the cast for a holiday-weekend retreat. Tables have turned and roles have been flipped, especially with Morris Chestnut as the football star Lance and Regina Hall as the ex-stripper.

The film is guaranteed to keep you on your toes. The movie brought out eye candy for both men and women, making sure to leave no one out.

The actors and actresses have all spruced up their acting careers, making the movie a must-see for people of any age.

A traditional movie filled with faith and charity, the film has the perfect amount of chaos, clutter and a tad bit of pettiness.

But even then the film is hard to hate. BMH is just that, the perfect holiday movie to watch with your family, a loved one, or just alone on a cozy night.