Westside edition


Ever wondered if the world could just be one big control system? Carson, Calif., native Herbert “Ab-Soul” Stevens seems to think so. 

This underground rapper chooses his topics wisely as he laces his lyrics with thought-provoking facts and metaphors concerning what one may consider the “secrets” of this universe. 

Contrary to how boring his description may sound, Ab is beginning to gain more and more fans, especially considering the fact that he made the XXL Freshman Class of 2013, alongside label mate, Schoolboy Q. This was the move that put Top Dogg Entertainment (TDE)on as a whole camp, but even more so, gave Ab-Soul just the right amount of exposure. 

At the age of 10, he was diagnosed with Stevens-Johnsons Syndrom which is a virus that caused him to have internal fevers, burning from the inside out, and lip discoloration, giving them the ultimate smoker’s look. 

This also made him a guru at listening, which explains the wittiness and intelligence comprehended through his lyrics. 

Another thing it caused was temporary blindness for three months, which permanently left his eyes severely light sensitive, which is why he always wears shades. 

Ab-Soul is indeed a great emcee but has future plans of publishing a few books and starting his own line of shades. 

His voice has been heard on Kendrick Lamar’s Overly Dedicated, Section 80, and all throughout the whole TDE discography, as they tend to only work within their own. Soul has a musical catalog consisting of two mixtapes and one album.

I suggest this artist to anyone open-minded about the world and what goes on around us. Never settle for what you have been told, go out and try to discover to come up with your own assumptions.Underground music is where it’s at.