SGA holds Town Hall meeting

It’s no secret that Historically Black College and Universities operate on limited funds, but after the disgruntled G-Men exposed Grambling State University’s poor conditions of the athletic facilities and equipment, GSU’s financial woes gained national headlines.

As a result, Grambling’s situation touched the hearts of many, including Maybach Music Group recording artist Wale.

Wale, who headlined Grambling State’s Homecoming Concert, said on stage during his performance that he was a fan of football and because of the G-Men’s situation, he had a check for the football program.

Although it’s unknown how much and when the university will receive his financial contribution, however Grambling State is anticipating his check.

“We’re excited about Wale’s pledge to make a donation to the university, said Will Sutton, GSU’s spokesman. “We’re thankful that he recognizes the difficult financial situations we’re facing.”

Sutton said the university hasn’t seen a check yet. 

“Though we haven’t received a contribution as of now,” said Sutton, “The university is working with he and his management team to find the appropriate route for his donation and for the purposes he chooses to designate.”

Grambling State’s football team has been struggling in their recent history with only two wins and 19 losses.  Initially, some blamed the coaching staff, but after the firing of four-time Southwestern Athletic Conference champion coach Doug Williams two games into the season, the team still lost their next five games.

Under the leadership of former interim head coach George Ragsdale, who is now GSU’s assistant athletic director, the team’s frustration increased. This led to the team boycotting its ninth game of the season against Jackson State University.

During the chaos, numerous photos surfaced the Internet displaying the conditions of the team’s equipment, weight room and facilities.

The G-Men made a case that their poor performances we partiality attributed to the many inadequacies in the Athletic Department, therefore they are grateful for Wale’s act of kindness. 

“We appreciate all support, anything would help,” said an anonymous football player. “It would improve our conditions and our resources.”

Some students on GSU’s campus also feel that Wale’s generosity serves a good purpose.  

“What Wale plans on doing for our football program is a great thing,” said Raven Croft, a junior marketing major and computer science information minor from Dallas. “He is using his wealth to give back to a greater cause and in a sense, our university will gain positive publicity.”