Chrystopher’s unique hip-hop love Story


For today’s young Black underground rappers, balancing lyrical content with original beats is a hard thing to do. It takes true talent to rhyme about going to college sound good. 

Luckily for Shawn Chrystopher, he successfully managed to do so in his latest mixtape, “The Love Story LP.” 

The first three tracks are right in between two interludes that help listeners get the full gasp of each song. “Pull Up” and “Minding My Business” demonstrate his firm grasp of tempos. 

On the fifth track “WYSG ’93,” he uses a radio-friendly style of music, before beginning a Pimp C-inspired sound in the later tracks, “One Of My Homies” and “Palm Trees.” 

Chrystopher proves he can change up his style depending on the mood of the track.

Chrystopher is a unique and fresh talent from Inglewood, Calif. His most attractive asset is his ongoing mentoring under the great Timbaland. 

It helps to have someone as experienced as Timbaland on your side helping you along the way, but Chrystopher possesses genuine talent. He’s not just riding the coattails of the a multi platinum, Grammy Award-winning executive producer

Chrystopher possesses both book and street smarts. On occasion, he lets his guard down and speaks candidly with the listener. 

“Black and white” and “Dinner with a Supermodel” come from the same place as he discusses the problems of interracial relationships with women. 

Referring to a former love interest on “Black and white,” he says, “She’s amazed by my hair and my skill to fight / And tried to take me out to parties that were strictly white / frat houses having parties bumpin’ Lil Wayne / They won’t let me in, they hate to play the game.” 

His highlight of irony is especially interesting. He has all of the tools to become successful in the rap game.