Message to the Students


In light of the recent rise of trigger-happy behavior on campus and violence in the residence halls at Grambling State, parents, students and faculty alike are asking questions as to what steps will the administration and GSUPD be taking to ensure that students at Grambling State University are protected at all times while on campus away from home.

One angry parent expressed her thorough disgust at the university and GSUPD, stating that this was never the environment she envisioned sending her child into. This was after this weekend’s shooting that took place between Tubman and Adams halls in Tiger Village in which a stray bullet entered her daughter’s bedroom window and lodged itself in the wall beside her bed. 

Residents are scared now more than ever to be out and about especially at night, and so are resident assistants, who are the ones responding to most of these cases and do sometimes assist the police in their investigations. How do you think we can tackle these issues, #gramfam? What do you think should be done? 


Leon A. Norville Jr. is Senior Resident Assistant for Holland, Adams and Tubman Artistic.


Editor’s Note:

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