GSU Alum releases magazine

Former Grambling State University student Chanel Clark has published her own magazine. Eclec, short for Eclec-collective, is a mash up between the words “eclectic” and “collective”, is a magazine geared towards urban entertainment, lifestyle and art.

Clark was born and raised in Trenton, N.J. 

Even in her early childhood years, she aspired to be on television.

Clark began her career as a writer for The Gramblinite, the university’s newspaper, and was a radio host on KGRM, the university’s radio station. 

Clark left Grambling in 1997 and moved to New York. Many years later, she began interning for XXL magazine, Hot 97 and SIRISiriusXM radio. Clark also was a guest host for the vlog

Clark got her big break in summer 2012 when she published a story about super-producer Bangledesh throwing shots and Swizz Beatz.

“It was a groundbreaking moment in my journalism career,” said Clark. “It forced me to take a stand for my credibility and reputation that I had worked so hard to established.”  

This interview is what turned her internship into a freelance writer position with XXL

After working at XXL for one-and-half years, Clark left the company in pursuit of starting her own magazine. With a small staff and a few thousand dollars, Clark had published her very first magazine Feb. 23.

“It was a very tedious and intricate process,” said Clark.  “I have a newfound respect for journalists, publishers and editors that put in the work for the process.”

Her most recent issue featured rapper Juvenile on the cover. In the issue, Juvenile talks about life, music and starting his own record company. Clark hopes to feature one of her favorite artists, DMX, A$AP Rocky, Curren$y, Mystikal, and Ice T.

Clark lives by the quote, “if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything.”

As a female African American journalist, Clark believes it is important for women to stand their ground in a male dominated field. 

She also emphasizes proper business etiquette. 

“I’m highly respected in the game, but I’m still not where I want to be,” said Clark. She said her role models are Datwon Thomas, Danyel Smith, Vanessa Satten, Shaheem Reid.

The next issue is set to release Dec. 27, which will conclude the quarterly editions for this year. 

“We try to talk about things other than music when dealing with an artist,” said Clark. “We try to have an alternative and realistic point of view other than what is portrayed in the media on the life of these artists.

“For instance Jayrobi White is a member of a Tribe called Quest. He’s also a chef. So instead of doing a write-up on his music, we did a write up on his culinary art. We called it ‘Bistro, Rhymes and Life.'”

“Everything’s about controversy and shock value, Eclec mag is not about that. Eclec mag is about the lifestyle of these artists.” 

Eclec Magazine is also looking for interns to serve as writers, photographers, graphic designers and bloggers. 

Anyone interested should email

Eclec Magazine can be purchased at Twitter: @eclecmag and IG: @eclecmag.