Team 99 takes Intramural Championship

The buzz around Grambling State University Intramural Center and campus was the Houma Boyz were going to win their fourth consecutive championship. Most counted Team 99 out, but they fought through adversity to defeat the Houma Boyz, 25-14, for their first championship together. 

“Our expectations were not to lose,” said Josh “Jerry” Blackmon, the quarterback for Team 99. “We had to play them earlier during the season we just wanted to show we were the better team.” 

The Houma Boyz have a tendency to leave a sour taste in their mouths’ of Team 99. Team 99 have two notable loses to the Houma Boyz; last year’s championship game and an earlier match-up this season. 

Trevon Smith, quarterback for the Houma Boyz, threw a late, critical interception, to seal the deal for their opponent. 

Team 99 marched down the field on the ensuing drive, and scored to put the nail in the coffin. 

A key injury in the first quarter to Rondale Livas, wide receiver and defensive back for the Houma Boyz, forced other players to step up. 

But their effort wasn’t enough; Team 99 was able to take advantage and scored the winning touchdown.  Ironically, the final score was the same their earlier season match-up; but this time, Team 99 was on top. 

“It’s big to everyone on the team,” said Taylor Kennedy, wide receiver for Team 99. “The championship is a sense of accomplishment, because the Houma Boyz were so confident that they had a win the bag.”

Majority of Team 99’s players from the New Orleans area, they will play for a state championship on Nov. 22 and 23 at McNeese University in Lake Charles.

“We are all former athletes so the competitive edge is never going to leave us,” said Kennedy. “Also, just knowing how good we actually are, we have to play like it.”  

Team 99 will continue practice three times a week until the state championship. 

Also, team has added another player, Sidney McMillon, from Takeoff, another Intramural team. He will switch between quarterback, wide receiver and defensive back, a triple threat player.