Alum makes publishing debut

Alumnus Willie Bailey has made his debut as an author with the publication of his first novella, Generation Superstar, earlier this year.   

Bailey, 29, graduated from Northeast Mississippi Community College in 2004 and graduated from Grambling State University in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree.

Bailey loves life, writing, God and physical fitness. 

The book tells of Donnavan “Kilo” Davis, a teen from the South Side projects.  Kilo has the ability to one day play in the NBA.  

It seems impossible for Kilo to discontinue his thug lifestyle, which prevents college coaches from recruiting him.  For a moment it seems hopeless for Kilo, until he robs a corner store and realizes that his coach is a hostage.  

Coach Bell doesn’t tell the police, but blackmails Kilo.  Kilo attends college, hoping to better his family’s life.  But Kilo is thrown off the college team after he and four friends are caught with stolen guns and marijuana. 

Bailey said he believes that human beings should be students of their own lives, and find out what they are created for in order to fulfill their purpose in life.  (If a fish tried to live like a fox it would die. A cat does not have wings because God didn’t intend for it to fly like an eagle.) 

When a person finds his purpose and identity, he will excel in life and nothing can prevent that which was meant to exist, Bailey said.

The book is available at or Kindle version at Amazon/Generation Superstar or mail $12.99 to Generation Superstar, 4522 Boxer Drive, Millington, TN 38053. S&H included.